The Bottle Tree Team

About Us

About Us

A love of traveling and entertaining, plus a passion for amazing food and drinks inspired our vision.

Our Executive Chef, Colleen O’Hare, brought the vision to life with her award-winning expertise in global flavors and Southern US traditions and techniques. 

The Bottle Tree sits on a midcentury ranch which was formerly home to the mayor of Belmont. It features dining room, temperature-controlled wine cellar with private dining, and a beautiful back patio space.

About Bottle Trees

Bottle trees can be found in regions across the South, reflecting light through prisms of blue and green glass. Legend holds that they capture troubled spirits who dissipate in the sun, leaving nothing but good behind. At The Bottle Tree restaurant, you’ll find time-honored Southern selections with global flavors that are becoming part of the new American palate. It is our passion to respect and further these traditions, taking something familiar and enlivening it, or taking something unknown and giving it an enjoyable context. In this way, we ensure your experience is nothing but the best and that you leave in the highest of spirits.

Our team is passionate,
hard working, creative and genuine!

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he Bottle Tree and Smoke Queen teams work heard every day and night to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. We are passionate about food, drinks and experiences and will continue to work every day to innovate and drive the culinary scene in the region.

chef Colleen
Colleen O’Hare

Executive Chef

sous Chef Coen
Coen Cauthen

Sous & Pastry Chef

Sam McFadden

Sous & Pitmaster

Branton McHenry

Sauté & Saucier

Taylor Beverage Director
Taylor Daniel

GM & Beverage Director

Gabe Owner
Gabriel Sawhney

Chief Janitor and Owner